Things are hotting up here at seedtoseed.

Some seeds need the cold to germinate, some need the warmth. Luckily I have both. I have a fridge AND a heatwave.

Summer in Australia can be pretty brutal and our native vegetation is well equipped for our climate. However, babies are very fragile and need nurturing, babies of the plant world inclusive. Even more so babies of European fruit and nut trees. This weeks losses are a great example of that. I lost a few apple seedlings due a run of above 35 deg C days.

Still I am making great progress with apples




And a few unknowns (thanks to the dog attack) possibly blueberries.

My avocado seed on the windowsill method isn’t going so well


Possibly due to the large eves I have blocking out the sun. My next lot of avocado seeds will go in pots outside.

I had 3 walnuts in a cup with a little water on my windowsill which seemed to be germinating. I potted them this week so I expect to see some leaves from them soon.

I have counted 32 seedlings so I am meeting my target so far. I don’t expect all my seedlings to survive but I have many seeds that will probably sprout in spring to help with my numbers.

I think I might start naming my seedlings as a method to catalogue them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

My pool area is slowly becoming littered with black plastic pots, haven’t had any drug squad choppers flying low. Yet.

3 thoughts on “Things are hotting up here at seedtoseed.

  1. Oh to meet another person that considers naming their plants- you are in Australia + I am in the USA under snow + freezing weather….your stuff looks so green + perfect!

    1. Thanks Robbie yes I am trying to get as much growth in as possible as the days are getting shorter and soon we will be dealing with frosty (although not snowy) mornings.

      But then spring will come and with it germination of the dormant seeds. Isn’t life beautiful?

      1. it really is! I am busy starting cole crops for our spring eating which just seems like it will never come this year-lol, but I have hope it will be here since my little seedlings are doing well inside + I look forward to seeing them in our spring garden + on our spring plates!

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