Winter solstice and the return of the sun

ImageI couldn’t let today’s specialness pass without a quick entry. Tonight will be the longest night here and tomorrow brings the return of the sun. Can’t tell you how excited I am to see more growth from my seeds. The days will still get colder for a while yet but with sun brings energy and hope. 


Todays post is just to show you why I’m so into seedlings. Genetic diversity is what keeps us evolving, what makes us resilient. The pot in the front contains seedlings from one fruit (a williams pear). Check out its diversity. 

1 thought on “Winter solstice and the return of the sun

  1. Nice one Carolin, what a lovely lesson in diversity same species seedlings offer. Hope you had a great solstice weekend. It’s hard not to be excited by longer days and warmer soils – but lets let our winter needy crops get all the cold and frosts they need to do what they gotta do. Sending seeds of love, Alison

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