Seedtoseed is written my me, Carolin Kirkwood. I’m a (nearly) middle-aged mother of 3, permaculture designer with a background in pathology and molecular genetics. My love of food and wellness has taken me down my horticultural path, where I combine my scientific training with my hobbies.

I am supported by my family (husband, James who is great at engineering my latest needs and even better at digging holes for me, my kids (Sara and Riley) who keep me focussed on what’s important and my baby girl (Summer) who is unhappy unless she is outside, which gets me outside, which makes it easier to do all those tasks that I need to do, rain, hail or shine. My extended family and friends who encourage me through advice, sharing my posts, calming me down when I need to be calmed down, drinking wine with me absolutely whenever I need/want it. My community for providing me with the community spirit that they have, which is infectious. My parents for doing what parents do, which is nothing to do with blogging. They will come round. Lastly for my laptop for not crashing when I’m half-way through a post, or maybe I speak too soon.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Caroline. Had a laugh as my about is very similar to yours – a nearly middle aged mother of three, getting interested in permaculture, worked in horticulture, interests are mainly food and health and live in kurrajong.

    Looking forward to reading your posts, I am currently trying to fill our place with fruit trees with the plan to grow the bulk of our food.


    1. Hi Annie! I haven’t posted in a while but my project is still up and running, I promise I will post more soon.

      I had a giggle just now re-reading my about. A fair bit has changed since then. But I’m still 30 something and still growing. I’d love to hear about your endeavours too!

  2. We have a small place amongst the big properties of comleroy rd. I have some banana and pepino plants if you ever want any. Also if you ever want grape or fig cuttings, mine are starting to come along.

    Hope to get a blog started one day to keep track of all the on the go projects like the smoker, aquaponics and cob oven (if we ever get there). See how much we can cram into an acre (successfully).


    1. Hey, I’m just off comleroy. Too funny. I have a large aquaponics set up, smoker but no cob oven. Let me know if you ever want to see it in action. I cannot grow banana up here, it grows in summer and dies in winter. I had a plantain too. Same deal. I think they’re both still alive in the long grass somewhere but I need to find them a better spot.

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